Our community relies on everyone who participates in it. Together, we are stronger than each of us alone. If you would like to contact us, please feel free to use our form or any of the e-mails listed below, and someone will get back to you about your request.

E-Mail Addresses:

BULLETIN (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Ask to include an announcement in our weekly bulletin!

INFO (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Share anything with us: questions, concerns, or share news with us!

MAIL (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Ask here if you’d like to have something considered for inclusion into one of our e-mails to the parish.

PHOTOS (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Do you have photos of the church community? Camp Caritas? Floor Hockey? Our 20/20 events? Send them along and we may use them on our website or in our church communications!

SUBSCRIBE (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Join the Holy Famly email distribution list and stay up to date on events and important celebrations.

TECH (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Have questions about Father Baxter’s presentations? Ideas or questions about anything tech-related for the church? Let us know!

WARDENS (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Our team of wardens is here to help the church, the parish, and our community. Have an idea or concern to share? Let them know.

DEACON RICHARD BRISEBOIS (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Would you like to contact Deacon Richard directly? Here’s how!

FATHER BAXTER (@HolyFamilyMontreal.com)
Would you like to contact Father Baxter directly? Here’s how!

… OR Send US a Note:

Note: Should you wish to share info regarding a birth or someone’s passing, please provide a photo and details (birth announcement, obituary, etc.) to the MAIL address above: mail@holyfamilymontreal.com

Thank you.