"Father Baxter has been an integral part of our community over the many years he has served Holy Family. There are not many opportunities to thank him for his guidance, his commitment, and his love for this parish. In light of this, we planned to make the most of it, and we had lots of our community's help."


"When the long-awaited occasion for Father John's 90th Birthday finally arrived, the entire Holy Family community - near and far all joined in celebration and thanks for all that Father Baxter has given all of us... all our lives, and his."

Part 1: Because of You

We invite you to take a trip back... way back... to 2008 and enjoy again (or for the first time!) the beautiful video presentation prepared by our community to Celebrate Father Baxter's
75th Birthday and the 50th Anniversary
of his Ordination into the priesthood.

Produced by John Marinelli and narrated by Frank Cavallaro, it is sure to give a lucky few of us a good laugh, bring back fond memories for others, and a guaranteed smile for every single one of us.

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"... if we only had videos of every memory ..."

Holy Family Montreal is pleased to share some of the videos that our community has shared these many years.  Please enjoy them all over again with us!

And of course, if you have more to share, we'll review them and add them so that everyone else can relive and enjoy such wonderful moments with Holy Family.

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Part 2: Celebrating Father Baxter

How does one try to capture a lifetime of devotion, a vast sea of friends and family, and a legacy that continues to be written with every footstep?  This time we were celebrating Father Baxter's
90th Birthday and the 65th Anniversary
of his Ordination into the priesthood.

Produced by Joe Turner, it could not have been done without the generous contributions of so many of Father Baxter's family, parishioners, and community.


"Days like these aren't easily forgotten - and our memories tend to become even fonder as time goes on."

If you could not attend in person, or just in case you needed a reminder,
here are some of the photos shared by friends and family.

Thank you to everyone!

Gallery of Father Baxter's
90th Birthday
& 65th Anniversary

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